Television Buying 101

TV & Video: It seems like every year or two, the technological advances around televisions seem to take another leap forward. For example, a TV with a 32-inch screen was once considered a big TV. Now, TVs of more than 50 inches are considered the norm, and some TVs are bigger than 70 inches. If you’re wondering about exactly what to look for when buying a new or even a refurbished TV, consider some of the following factors as you begin the decision-making process.

Start with Size

Of all the things to consider when selecting a new TV, size is probably the single-most important factor. You should know how much space it’ll take up in the room, especially if it’s going on or into a piece of furniture. In addition, decide how the TV is going to be displayed. This means deciding whether it will hang from a wall or sit on a stand in an entertainment center. When considering size, remember that TVs are measured diagonally, meaning that they are measured on the screen from one lower corner to the upper corner on the other side. For example, you would measure from the lower right corner to the upper left corner. That’s what the different inch designations mean a 32-inch TV’s screen is 32 inches diagonally, not in width or height. TV & Video

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Sceptre 32″ Class FHD (1080P) LED TV (X325BV-FSR)

$139.99 $125.99

About this item: Escape into a world of splendid color and clarity with the X325BV-FSR LED TV. Clear QAM tuner


Sceptre 19″ Class HD (720P) LED TV (E195BV-SR)

$69.99 $62.99

Sceptre 19″ Class TV (E195BV-SR): The Sceptre 19″ HD LED TV (E195BV-SR) requires little space but still delivers captivating entertainment.


Refurbished TCL 32″ Class HD (720P) Smart LED TV (32S301)

$119.99 $107.99

Refurbished TCL 32″ Class HD (720P) Smart LED TV (32S301): High definition (720p) LED TV resolution provides excellent detail, color